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Brow shape $21

Upper lip $15

Upper lip and chin $24

Half face $29

Underarm $22

Half leg $34

3/4 Leg $45

Full leg $56

Bikini $23

Extended bikini $34

Brazilian new $73

(6+ weeks since last wax)

Brazilian maintenance $50

Men's chest or back $46


Brow tint $19

Lash tint $25

Brow & Lash tint $36

Brow and lash tint + brow shape $49

Brow tint & shape $31

Lash tint + brow shape $44

Hybrid Dye

Hybrid dye is a revolutionary colour system that offers a longer lasting colour. This will stain the skin for up to 7 days and stain the hair for up to 7 weeks.

Brow dye $24

Lash dye $29

Brow and lash dye $45

Brow and lash dye + brow shape $59

Brow dye and shape $37

Lash dye + brow shape $49


Lash Lift $99

Add a semi permanent curl to your lashes and get the appearance of fuller, longer lashes - no need for mascara. This treatment includes a complimentary lash tint or dye ( you choose) and results last 6-8 weeks.

Included during the lash lift is a complimentary lash conditioning treatment and your treatment is  finished with our Elleplex lash serum to maintain optimal lash health.

Hands and Feet Treatments

Manicure $45

Soak, file, cuticle work, hand massage, finished with polish application

Pedicure $65

Softening soak and exfoliation, foot and heel file, cuticle work, foot massage and polish application

Gel polish application $49

File and cuticle work, gel polish application finished with cuticle and hand hydration

Gel Polish Removal and Application $55

Removal of existing gel polish. File and cuticle work, gel polish application finished with cuticle and hand hydration

Gel polish add on $20

Nail file and polish $25

Foot soak, file and polish $30

Make up

Special Occasion $65

Bridal $125 includes trial

Personal make up lesson $85

- 50% redeemable on product purchased


Retreat allow 75mins $125

Start your journey to relaxation with a muscle-soothing back, neck and shoulder massage.

To finish, a beautifully nourishing facial leaving you drifting into relaxation.

Revive allow 60mins $99

A neck and shoulder massage combined with a relaxing facial.


allow 50 mins $75

Drift away with our top to toe treat. Start with a heavenly scalp, face and neck massage using nourishing massage oil to hydrate the skin and hair, then melt away with a fatigue-fading foot massage for true indulgence.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to treat someone special to a gift voucher, let us indulge them with a delightful treat. Whether you choose a dollar value or a treatment, we'll gift wrap it beautifully for you! 

Bespoke Performace Facials

It may appear we don't have many facials to choose from, but in fact, is it quite the opposite...

You choose your time frame and investment and we will do the rest. We create bespoke facials that are unique to you and your skin. This creates thousands of treatment combinations with endless opportunities to create the healthiest skin possible. 
Level one and two are designed as an introductory or maintenance treatment while level three allows your therapist to have free reign of equipment and ingredients for full skin-saving benefits.

Prior to each facial, we will take the time to assess your skin and it's current needs or concerns to tailor make your treatment

Level One allow 60mins $139

Level Two allow 75mins $159

Level Three allow 90mins $189 

Enzyme Therapy allow 30mins $89

The 'go-to' treatment for immediate skin clearing results.

Enzymes from fruit extracts mimic our skins own enzymatic actions to give our skin a gentle exfoliation for clearer pores, even skin tone and smooth texture.

PLEASE NOTE; Enzyme Therapy is included in all Level 1, 2 and 3 facials.

Meditation Facial allow 75mins $139

If relaxation is your focus, this facial is for you.

Let us whisk you away to a state of pure relaxation while caring for and rejuvenating your skin. With the incorporation of meditation techniques, this facial will leave your skin and mind refreshed.

Skin Needling $299

*For everything you need to know about Skin Needling please see our separate drop-down page*

Your appointment includes 15 min MAX+ LED light treatment to start, followed by your skin needling treatment and finished with the award-winning Epi-Nouvelle + Naturelle mask (valued at $45) 

Your treatment cost also includes an Enzyme Therapy Facial 4-7 days post needling treatment.

MAX+ LED Light Therapy allow 30mins $55

Much like a flower absorbs UV light to grow, our skin has the ability to absorb LED light at different wavelengths to create energy, this energy is then used to create a frenzy of cellular activity. MAX+ is designed unlike any other LED device, the precision of each wavelength allows for targeting specific layers of the skin without any room for error meaning optimal results when treating the skin for a wide range of skin conditions and effects from the environment. From tired, dull skin to premature aging, acne and everything in between, MAX+ LED is your skin saving secret weapon.

No unwanted side effects or downtime, just harnassing our skin's own natural healing and functioning abilities.

If you're serious about achieving results, you need to get under MAX. 

Stand-alone up to 30min session $55

Course of six up to 30min sessions $269

A course is recommended to begin, ideally spaced out over 3 weeks, or once weekly sessions over six weeks if more suitable.

Following your initial course, a maintenance session is recommended once every 4-6 weeks.

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