Not all skincare is created equal

Since making the move over to Dermaviduals a lot of you have asked why?

Previously I was very passionate about the brand I carried so why would I all of a sudden change?

The answer to that question is simple, you and your skin, my top priorities. I love learning and will never be satisfied that I am educated enough because that simply will never be the case, the skin world is HUGE and the more I explore and learn the more I want to know, give me more, more more!

When diving in a little deeper and educating myself on the science of skin I started to realise that it is just as important (if not more than) what we don’t have in our products then what we do, and when it comes to treatments less is often more. It started making me think why? Why am I prescribing these products and what benefits and effects will they have on my client’s skin, why am I offering these treatments - what cells am I trying to target and how will they and all the others be affected in the process. These types of questions lead me to Corneotherapy and Dermaviduals because their answers were making a whole lot more sense and ticking all of the skin loving boxes.

I completely understand and actually find it one of my biggest challenges that the beauty industry is huge and can be so overwhelming, there are so many options, who on earth do we listen to for advice!? Is it the lady at the beauty counter with the beautiful display and expensive products that sound the part surely they must work, or do I listen to the celebrity endorsing the latest and greatest from the tele, her skin looks amazing so it must legit! Don’t even start on the supermarket isles, that place is the perfect storm for a confusion induced headache, and sadly we can’t even trust some of the beauty salons with professional ranges anymore – just because someone sells skin care does not mean they are knowledgeable.

In all of the noise who do we listen to?

Now is the time to start asking some questions to understand if what you are looking at using has what your skin needs. Education is a powerful tool, if you understand how the skin functions it makes these decisions of what to use and what to avoid a whole lot easier. Don’t be afraid to ask why.

Let’s start with the composition of our skin ……

Made up of three layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer, within these layers we have our very own protection system (when the skin is functioning optimally) called the acid mantle. The membrane structure that composes the skins natural barrier is made up of ceramides, phospholipids, triglycerides, squalene, fatty acids and natural moisturising factor cholesterol.

When we apply products with an ingredient deck as long as our arm full of things that don’t support the above composition we can have a bit of a fight on our hands, this is where and when we start to see some issues. Cue aggravation and sensitivity, premature ageing and dehydration, acne, congestion, pigmentation, redness the list goes on.

As discussed in my previous blog our skin is our biggest organ and it has a really important and big job to do, we actually need it to be on its game and firing on all cylinders. I’m sure you would find it really hard to get up, go to work and fully focus if you have a junk food breakfast, made to run 10kms in bare feet, beat off a flock of angry magpies and then harassed all day by the boss – when we load our skin with products and treatments that are fighting against what its designed and programmed to do it is kind of the same thing. Your fighting a losing battle.

The quality and efficiency of what we have in our products and the base that they are all swimming around in are really important and its time we stopped and had a look in our bathroom cupboards to see what we are really putting on our skin.

Some common ingredients found in products off the supermarket shelf, from beauty counters and in professional ranges are quite shocking! If your brave go and have a look and see if any of these are on the back of your so called “skincare”.

Cocamidopropyl betaine – associated with sensitisation, irritation and contact dermatitis.

Ammonium laureth sulfate – may cause severe irritation to the eyes and skin

Sodium lauryl sulfate – a detergent known to irritate eyes and skin

DMDM hydantain – formaldehyde releasing preservative known to be a skin irritant

Tetrasodium ETDA – tested on animals, classified as high human health priority (aka carcinogen, toxic and very harmful)

Acrylates/c10 – 30 alkyl acrylate crosspolyme – an emulsifier that breaks down the barrier function of the skin.

Mineral oil – a petroleum based ingredient that occludes the skin, disrupting cell to cell compaction

Sodium Hydroxide - aka caustic soda, no explanation needed!

Methylisothiazolinoe – a biocide and preservative, proving to be a concern due to sensitization and allergic reaction as well as nerve damage

These unfortunately are only but a few and are just part of the reason I saw time for a major change in what we apply to our skin. Time to educate, strip the confusion back and use ingredients that are supporting our skin instead of fighting it.

What I love about Dermaviduals is the base that all of our beautiful ingredients are surrounded in are completely compatible with the composition of our skin and mimic it beautifully. DMS (derma membrane structure) base is made up of Phosphatidylcholine, Ceramides, Triglycerides, Squalene, and Sterols – because of this additives are able to integrate beautifully with our skins barrier and allow for penetration without disruption.

Quiet simply there is absolutely no need to expose our skin to harmful and damaging ingredients. Prolonged use can leave you with a big mess and a long journey to achieving skin health.

With our advanced skin diagnostic tool – Observ, we are able to truly see what condition your skin is in and address any issues with a tailored but simple homecare and treatment plan customised to you and your skin.

Skin is my thing and I’d love to help silence the noise and get you on the right track.

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