Cleansing, here's what you need to know.

Who would have thought cleansing was the most important step in your skin care routine!?

The very first step in your routine and one that should not be overlooked, here is were we prep our skin for all of those beautiful products to follow, remove the ‘day’, make up, oil, and residual skin cells. It can also be where a lot of our skin concerns start or are worsened, choosing the wrong cleanser for your skin type or one that does not have your skins best interests at heart can cause a multitude of issues. Don’t even get me started on the damage using facial wipes or heaven forbid baby wipes cause.

As I have talked about many times before, our skin acid mantle and microbiome is very delicate and needs to be supported, when using a cleanser with ingredients that strip or alter the pH we leave our skin compromised and impair our natural defence systems, now repeat this twice daily and we can have a real problem on our hands, I’m talking dryness, flaking, irritation, inflammation, redness the list goes on. If after you cleanse your skin feels squeaky clean or your desperate to put your moisturiser on that’s a sign your cleanser isn’t right for you.

Unsure what type of cleanser you should be using?

We can help, we have a range of off the shelf cleansers as well as the ability to custom blend the perfect cleanser for your skin should this be required. Finding a cleanser that is perfect for your skin type will set the correct pH of your skin and you will see a huge improvement in your overall skin health with this one simple change.

To double cleanse or not to double cleanse?

You are short changing yourself if you skimp on cleansing, at the end of the day our face has been through a lot, think of all of the places you have been, what you have achieved and what you have exposed your face to, this all needs to be removed. Even more so if you have been wearing make up – we need to wash the day away, then we need to repeat the process to properly cleanse our skin.

Dermaviduals have just released an amazing new Essentials Cleansing Cloth ($24.50) I have to say this has totally changed my cleansing experience, making it much more enjoyable, no more water all over the bathroom counter, water dripping down my elbows and fumbling to find a towel with my eyes shut. This beautiful cloth is so soft and easy to use, better yet its reusable, simply wet in warm water, remove your cleanser, rinse, hang up and start again tomorrow. Because this cloth dries hard there is no risk for bacteria growth and you can throw it in the wash once a week – so simple!

A couple of tips for your cleansing routine…

1. Invest in an Essential Cleansing Cloth – you won’t regret it!

2. In the evening after tea or putting the kids to bed instead of settling down on the couch for the night head to the bathroom and do your skin care routine, so much nicer then just before bed because who feels like it then when a cosy bed is calling.

3. Make sure you have the right cleanser for your skin, remember your skin changes with the seasons so it might be time to have a chat and see if your still using the right one.

4. If you have had a busy day and/or have been wearing make up, make sure you double cleanse.

5. Water alone isn’t enough to correctly clean the skin, leaving residue from make up, sebum and not yet desquamated skin cells and impairing your serums and moisturisers ability to penetrate effectively.

6. Be sure to wash your hands before you start your cleansing routine so you are not exposing your skin to any unnecessary bugs or contaminating your cleanser – especially important for acne skins.

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